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Locks are used on a daily basis. For that reason, they need to be the most reliable components of your home and business security. Irrespective of their sturdiness, however, eventually, they will no longer be able to provide the safety you require of them. To make sure your home stays secured, rekeying your locks from time to time might be needed.

Between Rekeying & Changing Locks

For some people, it’s tricky differentiating lock rekeying from locks changing. Some even think they are the same. But they are not.

Basically, changing locks involves the removal of the existing hardware and replacing it with a new one. This way, a homeowner will have both a fresh set of locks and a new set of keys. However, this can be expensive, not to mention sometimes unnecessary.

Homeowners should only change locks if they need better functioning ones, after a break-in attempt or when the keys have been lost. They can also do so when they need to upgrade their security system to make the building more secure.

But when it comes to rekeying locks, a lot less work is needed. Apart from being the less expensive option, it is the wisest when the locks are working perfectly but the whereabouts of the keys are questionable.

If you misplace your house key, you may want to simply rekey. That way, you retain your locks but change your keys, rendering the old ones useless.

When To Rekey

To rekey your locks, a locksmith alters the locks mechanism to make the old one unable to work. If all; your locks are from the same brand or have the same keyholes, you can rekey all of them to use a single key.

If you lose a copy of your keys and you do not want to leave things to chance, rekeying is a good idea. If you move into an apartment and it would cost too much to completely change the locks, you can rekey them.

Basically, rekeying helps you retain exclusive access to your property without sacrificing too much by way of money and time.

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