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Locks Change

One of the trickiest security-related decisions any homeowner can make is changing locks, especially when they can’t seem to understand why it is even important to do so. But, the thing is: locks do not last forever or serve every kind of house. If you are unsure why you should spend your money on such a project, we are here to help clear things up.

Hey, You Just Moved In?

Congratulations on your new home, whether rented or bought. To make sure you are secure in your new living space, it is necessary to change those locks. For all we know, the previous occupants of the apartment could still have copies of the key, likewise their most trusted friends and family.

Think about it. Do you really want to live in a house where about three other people have access to? Not sure you do. Whether or not you were repeatedly assured exclusivity, it makes sense is a lot safer to change those locks.

After An Attempted Break-in

Burglars are pretty persistent people. As far as they weren’t caught the first time, there is every chance they would have another go at gaining entry into your residence or place of business. Even if you were lucky enough to not have any of your things stolen or compromised, changing your locks is advised.

You never know if Mr. Burglar will go brush up and come back harder with lock-picking specialties. The security of your home has been tested, which makes it necessary to strengthen it as quickly as possible with stronger locks. Call a local pro locksmith and fix things up ASAP just to be sure you are extra protected.

Lost Your Keys?

Losing keys is normal. But not doing anything about it isn’t. If you do not know the whereabouts of the key, the best move is to have your locks changed. If it gets lost in a way you cannot explain, you never know who might pick it up.

Being that most keys bear house addresses, someone might want to milk the situation for what it’s got by paying a visit when you’re not around. It is often better to not assume it has been completely lost, especially if you don’t know where you dropped it in the first place.

Hire professionals to change your locks and get you a new set of keys. That way, the old, misplaced key cannot open a bird cage, let alone your house or place of business.

Many Operating Glitches

We really hope the mishap of a break-in never comes your way. But sometimes, your locks are what makes the difference between an attempt a major crime. If they are not in perfect working condition, there isn’t much stopping a burglary story from making the local news.

Depending on the type and duration of your stay, locks will get worn out and become less effective eventually. That makes them easier to pick, override or break. Even for the most secure locks, faultiness is a given. When they start deteriorating, it means your security now has a loophole.

At this point, you need to change your locks.