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House Lockout

A house lockout is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. For as long as it lasts, it almost feels like you have been ousted for your throne by simply no one and nothing. Or, it could feel as th0ugh the locks planned a coup to take over control of your piece of real estate.

While such an incidence can happen to just about anyone, being prepared is the difference between a good homeowner and a nonchalant one. We can help you get back into your home quite alright, but we have some things to tell you to avoid getting caught in such a situation in the first place.

Stash A Spare

It may look orthodox or too old-fashioned, but keeping your spare where you can easily retrieve it during an emergency is smart play. There are different options: give a spare to a trusted friend or family member closest to you or stash it somewhere only you can access it. But do make sure that for the latter, when the worst comes, you are really the only one who knows about its whereabouts.

Stashing spares significantly increases the chances of your getting back into your residence should the unexpected decide to show its grim face. You can keep the key copy in fake ornaments, hide them beneath garden shrubs or carry them around in your purse. Do you need spares? We can cut them for you fast.

Replace Your Bad Locks

Locks are not immortals, and there’s probably never going to be a time when they will be. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated they are or how strong they are advertised to be. Because of this reality, it is advised to check your locks regularly to ensure that they are not faulty. If you don’t, you might be caught up in a home lockout when you least expect.

When your locks are in a dysfunctional state, there are different ways you can know. If they don’t turn well or turn too much, there is a problem. If they take too long before unlocking, it is perhaps high time you replaced them. The good news is that Local Locksmith CA is on standby to help you out with the replacements.

Don’t Lock Up Before Checking

The most common reason people get locked out of their homes is that they don’t check if they have their keys on them before jamming doors. If this has happened a good number of times to you, then consider learning to check your things before shutting down, whether or not you are in a hurry. Search your bag, purse, pocket or keyholder for that spare before locking up.

For Emergencies, Call Us!

If it happens that you play by these rules and still get yourself locked out once in that very blue moon, don’t fret. All you have to do is dial us and we’d be there.